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(The F Word) - on-going

The F Word is an on-going research project about women*'s unique perspective on documentary storytelling.

In 2018, it won the Austrian Student’s Union Fem-Queer Research Fund and it was selected for the CPH:DOX Academy 2018.


 (About Marias and Terezas) - 2018

"About Marias and Terezas" is a docufiction short film from Das Flor Collective that frames a poetic interpretation of the lives of women that are an integral part of the Lomba do Pinheiro slum in Porto Alegre (Brazil).

The film is a by-product of the on-going partnership with the community that started in 2014 with the project "Antropofagic Dialogs" and the resulting perfomance "Lombay".



"laços" is a photography exhibition that was shown at the gallery Schüssel, Die in Vienna from the end of October through November 2017.

"laços" is about farewells and new beginnings and everything in between: both experiences and the bonds that are not present all the time, but remain part of our identity.



"Goliath" is a video-performance based on the painting series “Vendeta/Intifada” by Fábio Baroli and part of the exhibition shown at frei_raum Q21 in MuseumsQuartier in Vienna throughout February 2017.

"Goliath" uses the themes of "Vendeta/Intifada" to strike a balance between harsh reality and the innocence of childish games and connects it to today's violent realities around  the world.


(Cycling Permitted) - 2016

"Cycling Permitted" is a multi-platform project about cyclists in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and was created by Gabriel Motta and Vitória Monteiro. It started with a series of photo-stories shared on Facebook and Instagram in 2016. A fictional four-episode television series is currently in production.

“In the chaotic city of Porto Alegre, individuals from all walks of life ride their bikes for pleasure, leisure or out of necessity. Despite living through distinctly different dramas, they share the contrasting sensations of freedom and insecurity that only Brazilian cyclists know. The streets should be for everyone. But life isn't always easy and it's up us to keep the wheels spinning.”


(Antropofagic Dialogs) - 2014

The word "Antropofagic Dialogs" comes from the custom of certain indigenous tribes in Brazil of eating the bravest warrior of a clan they defeated in order to absorb their strength. The concept was also used by the Brazilian Modernist movement, to describe the idea of incorporating European art, instead of copying it, thereby forging a more authentic national identity. The project from Das Flor Collective is a call to incorporate cultures into a country where the slums and inner city are severely segregated.

Once a week, the collective offered a free workshop for the community, with whom the developed the script for a three-hour-performance consisting of improvisations involving theater, dance, circus, music, film, photography and visual arts. With a fragmented narrative, mixing a religious procession and a carnival parade, the story about the community was presented to the community, with the community after four months of work.




I’m always looking forward to collaborate with other people and teams. Sounds good? Say hi!​

   VITÓRIA MONTEIRO studied Theater at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul and works since 2013 mainly with direction, production and digital media. In this area, she has already implemented projects in Brazil with a focus on redistribution of cultural resources and participatory practices. She has been living and working in Vienna since 2016 and studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with a focus on moving image at the Art and Digital Media Class. In Vienna Vitória is active in different artistic and political contexts. One focus here is on working in queer-feminist collectives and initiatives. Her recent projects include the short film “The History begins starting from us” in partnership with the Filmmuseum of Vienna; the opening of the Austrian pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2019 with the queer-feminist choir Mala Sirena; co-curation of the screening “Blicke von Frauen*” in partnership with Sixpackfilm and Metro Kinokulturhaus; the video installation “News From Home I” as part of The Wrong Biennale 2019; etc.

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