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koloniale Verbindungen zwischen Brasilien und Österreich

Every woman* has a name: colonial connections between Brazil and Austria


"Every Woman* has a Name" is a transmedial research-based project that functions like a puzzle with multiple solutions. Its central element is an avatar representing feminized bodies that reclaim their place in history through spectral presence.


Feminization hereby should not be interpreted on the basis of a biological essentialism, but rather as Rita Segato describes it in "Contrapedagogias de la crueldad" ("Counter-Pedagogies of Cruelty"):


The sense in which we understand feminization today [] a reduced, defective gender, a person with a lacking nature. (Contrapedagogias de la crueldad, p.43,45)


With this project Vitória has concluded her diploma studies in 2023 with the Honors Award from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.



"Opening Pandora's Box" was a performance conceptualized for the opening of the exhibition "Über das Neue" at the Belvedere21.

The performance deals with research material from Austria and Brazil's colonial history and the invitation to perform was made by Christine Bruckbauer from philomena+.


My friends are the birds...


The project "My friends are the birds..." is an experimental short film about female empowerment and friendship between generations. The short film deals with the contrast and similarity of experiences between different generations of women through my friendship with my grandmother: Ethel Indarte. The short film recontextualizes Ethel's experiences on a contemporary and universal level.

with Ethel Indarte, Vanessa A. Opoku, Christian Schmidts, Julia Ziener, Christine Greimel (Blumenfee)

Archive material: "Amor, mujeres y flores" from Marta Rodriguez

Animation and 3D modelling: Vanessa A. Opoku

Sound design: Luiz Lepchak

Colorist: Susi Dollnig

Since October 2022, the short film is represented by sixpackfilm film distribution. The film premiered at the Diagonale Film Festival 2023.


Migrants* want to learn something


"Migrant*innen wollen etwas lernen (Migrants* want to learn something)" is an installation that criticizes the commodification of the migration experience from an institutional perspective. This project was inspired by the self-portraits of Marianne Brandt and her institutional critique of the Bauhaus. The image is a self-portrait of Brazilian migrants currently studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Visitors can take postcards in exchange for donations, which were forwarded to the association PROSA - School for all.

Appropriating the media of photography and postcards, the installation takes a decolonial look at the migration experiences of Brazilian students in Vienna, while criticizing the profiting of Austrian art institutions through migrant output. Again and again, the migration experience is commodified on an institutional level, while the precarious situation of migrants* barely changes structurally.

The installation was developed for the exhibition "Conditions and Frameworks: Infrastructure as Form and Medium" at the Exhibit Gallery from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.




VITÓRIA MONTEIRO originally comes from the theater and performance scene in Brazil. When she joined an academic research group on intermediality in 2013, it elevated her understanding of inter- and transmedial narratives to a new level. Since then, she not only engages with different artistic media, but through the years she developed her own practice: creating transmedial research-based projects that fill in the gaps of history with art. In 2023 Vitória finished her diploma studies with the Honours Award of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.



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